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    The ‘plug and play’ pizza solution that drives customers to your venue

    Sell premium, artisan pizza that your customers will love from your venue, whether it’s open or closed.

    Hospitality venues like yours take 70% incremental revenue with our premium pizza solution. In fact, some venues sold up to 1,000 pizzas a month in lockdown. Barrel & Stone has grown to be a recognised brand that customers love and give 5* on Trustpilot. Since 2015 our food innovation team have been refining our pizza recipes so that you consistently offer your customers authentic, artisan, restaurant-standard pizza.

    Sign up today to our fast, simple pizza solution and you’ll be set-up and selling in 10 days. Which means in no time you could be making extra revenue by offering your customers premium, artisan pizzas as a click and collect or delivery service through our trusted delivery partners.

    As featured in BBC’s ‘Saving Britain’s Pubs with Tom Kerridge’ as he worked with tenants Miles and Lotte at The Prince Albert, Stroud to strengthen their business

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    Everything you need to get revenue soaring

    • Authentic, premium, artisan pizza – with the finest base and toppings of the freshest ingredients for an exciting pizza menu (suitable for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and meat-lovers), all complete with our signature fresh and tangy tomato sauce
    • FREE starter kit – plus everything you need to confidently serve restaurant-standard pizzas including: full training, installation and strong marketing support
    • Save time, save waste – our pre-rolled, premium chilled pizza bases and pre-measured toppings all have long shelf lives to help you maximise efficiency in the kitchen and minimise wastage
    • Minimal risk with a guaranteed favourite – we know that pizza is a ‘top 3’ menu item worldwide, plus our minimum order value is a low £150+ per week, so you can increase revenue with minimal risk
    • Trusted delivery partners – providing effortless home delivery options

    “It takes 3 minutes, you don’t have to make the dough, you don’t need to worry about a chef,
    I can go in there and make a pizza”

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    Start bringing in extra revenue in just 10 days

    • We’ve streamlined everything for you – from ordering to installation to baking to selling to delivery options
    • Prep to plate in minutes – a fast, simple business model that’s resource efficient and easily operated by one person – anyone can do it
    • Trusted, premium brand that your customers will recognise and love
    • Easy ordering portal backed by our friendly support team who care
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    The simple pizza solution with a healthy profit

    Set-up & selling in 10 days

    Earn £150,000 a year revenue

    5* Trustpilot reviews from customers

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    "You can smell it as soon as you come through the gate.
    It drags people in"

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